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On Friday, September 3, 2021, you left us forever, we will have a hard time coming to terms with it, and we will forever remember the beauty, amazing vitality, cuddliness and love you gave us heartheartheart





We can call it "return of lost son" when our little Gery - Geronimo Fantazia Brown, has returned to us. His new mastress was not able to take care about him. He was in a pitiful condition and because of recent sad news in our home we decide he will stay with us. Gery is hungry all the time but very clever, nice and cuddly. Based on his age we hopr he will be nice, handsome and courageous male. We will do our best to make his such heart


Gery after his fisr grooming !


Gerry actual laugh











Geronimo Fantazia Brown

nar.9.7.2014, - 3.9.2021

CMKU/P 18329/14

father : Sir John von der Yburg

mother  : C.I.B. Colette Fantazia Brown

breeder :  Zuzana Faltejsková Šandová

PRA 0/0

patella 0/0

41,5 cm



Geronimo and his exhibition

8.7.2018 Champion Serbie      
8.7.2018 IDS Irig (SR) Ex1,CAC,CACIB,BOB A.Kandias(SR)
28.5.2018 Polish Champion      
19.5.2018 KCHP Vysočany Ex1,ČŠŠ,Best brown dog C.Fischer (D)
21.4.2018 KCHP Kněževes Ex1,ČŠŠ P.Ulrichová Plisková (CZ)
8.4.2018 IDS Warszawa CWC,CACIB, BOS L.Zizevske(LT)
25.3.2018 Champion KCHP      
17.2.2018 KCHP Libice Ex1,ČKŠ Z.Jílková(CZ)
28.10.2017 KCHP Kladno Ex1,ČŠŠ Inga Still(ES)
10.9.2017 MVP Hodmezővásárhely(HU) Ex1,CAC Al Dagistani Vojislav (SRB)
9.9.2017 MVP Hodmezővásárhely(HU) Ex1,CAC Kardos Vilmos (HU)
19.8.2017 Slovenský šampion krásy      
20.8.2017 MVP Bratislava Ex1,CAC,CACIB,BOS V.Javorčík (SK)
19.8.2017 MVP Bratislava Ex1,CAC,CACIB,BOS Z.Brotánková(CZ)
1.7.2017 KCHP Kařez Ex1,ČŠŠ O.Dolejšová(CZ)
8.1.2017 Champion Czech      
8.1.2017 NVP Brno Ex1,CAC V.Řehánek(CZ)
6.11.2016 MVP Bratislava Ex2,Res.CAC Z.Jílková(CZ)
5.11.2016 MVP Bratislava CAC,Res,CACIB D.Javorčík (SK)
30.10.2016 MVP Praha Ex1, CAC I.Czik (D)
16.10.2016 NVP Jelenia Góra(PL) Ex1,CWC R.Jakobs (D)
15.10.2016 NVP Jelenia Góra(PL) V1,CWC I.Still (EST)
9.10.2016 MVP Č.Budějovice Ex1, CAC I.Beradze(CZ)
13.8.2016 OKV KCHP Poděbrady Ex1,CAC S.Dimitrijevič (SR)
17.7.2016 NV Ml.Boleslav Ex1,CAC P.Ulrichová Plisková(CZ)
12.6.2016 NV Klatovy Ex1,CAC Z.Vršecká(CZ)
11.6.2016 OKV KCHP Plzeň Ex1, ČKŠ Z.Brotánková(CZ)
28.5.2016 OKV KCHP Kojice Ex1 L.Sládeková (SK)
23.4.2016 OKV KCHP Hořenec Ex1,ČKŠ Ing.Klírová(CZ)